Subtle Body Basics

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
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  • 464 Cherokee Avenue Southeast

Service Description

This class is an introduction to accessing the subtle body. The subtle body is a quieter, deeper and vastly profound aspect of our bodies. Learning how to access the subtle body can bring us into greater aliveness with ourselves and the world around us. It can heighten our senses and deepen our attention. It can also be an incredible tool for those of us who live with pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression and general life burnout; basically anyone who is human! This class uses very simple, slow movement and specific body cues to begin to open the mind up to the deeper channels of consciousness in the body. It is also a class that utilizes experimentation and beginners mindset to let things unfold and expand without force. It is a slow paced class geared towards teaching the basics of the subtle body. It’s great for all levels: those wishing to deepen their practice, new practitioners, people with illness/disability, and anyone wishing to expand a little deeper and wider.

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  • 464 Cherokee Avenue Southeast

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